Why you Should Drink Kombucha

Are you a fan of being in optimal health from head to toe? Then why haven’t you been drinking kombucha?! Well, it could be because you have no idea what it is. That’s the only acceptable reason for not imbibing this effervescent beverage.

And if that does happen to be the case, sit still for a few minutes to find out just what the buzz is about kombucha and why you WILL be drinking it later today!


Kombucha has actually been around for dozens of years. If you want to get technical, it was first invented by a group of hippies back around the time when granola, protests and flower children were the talk of the town.

Well, granola can have a tendency to make you thirsty, so there needed to be an accompanying beverage to match. Somewhere in that mix, kombucha was born.

It consists of four main things—filtered water, caffeinated tea, sugar and a blobby, globby, snot-like formation of particles called a SCOBY. But don’t be turned off by this graphic description. The SCOBY is what lays the foundation for all the nuclear-high benefits of this beverage.

The acronym “SCOBY” stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Try reciting that five times fast! You will often hear this referred to as “the mother, the glob, the blob” or “the mushroom.” Although, just for the record, there is no mushroom anywhere to be found. It just simply resembles a mushroom.

Kombucha is made by brewing the tea, adding said ingredients and pouring into a large container known as a vessel. Over the course of 7 days to a few weeks, a fermentation process occurs, which basically charges the kombucha, giving it the benefits that you’re about to learn.


Do you know what alkalinity is? Your blood has a pH balance. If this balance is not balanced at all, and you are acidic, you are more susceptible to colds, diseases, infections, constipation, joint pain, brain fatigue and the list goes on and on.

Drinking kombucha will raise your alkalinity and lower your acidity. It is said that disease fails to exist in an alkaline body. By integrating booch into your daily game plan, you can walk down the aisle happily ever after!


Aside from the alkalinity that kombucha delivers, it is also high in antioxidants. As you are probably well aware, antioxidants help scrounge up free radicals in the body, which are what causes the battery of health problems that people face.

If you were to get a kombucha where fruit is added, which is likely the case with store-bought versions, the antioxidant content would be even higher. This is especially the case when the fruit is already a powerful antioxidant to start with like blueberry, goji berry and raspberry.

Gut Health

Probiotics are often associated with yogurt. But it’s a pretty far stretch to think that you’re getting a sizeable amount of them when you scoop your way to the bottom of a cup of this stuff.

In the big picture, yogurt pales in comparison to booch when it comes to probiotic content. And in case you’re in the dark, probiotics are the healthy bacteria that your gut needs to perform its tasks optimally.

One of the most important ones is to digest food. If you do not digest well, then you won’t absorb nutrients well either. The end result is a litany of issues that can make you weak, frail, fatigued and disgusted.

But when you get your good bacteria firing on all cylinders, your body will do the same. Kombucha can make this a reality, and in a short amount of time too.


There is no room for toxins in your system when you want to lose weight, maintain weight, work out at a high capacity or think your way through a tough work situation. The good news is, kombucha helps flush toxins from your system, making you better to perform all daily tasks; regardless if they are in or out of the gym.

Workout Performance

This is sort of a Part II of the alkalinity factor. When you work out and your muscles start to burn, you need to stop and take a quick rest. That burning is caused from lactic acid build-up.

In reality, you are at the mercy of lactic acid. Once you feel it, you can only go so much longer. Now, if you were to drink kombucha on a daily basis and get yourself more alkaline, the time it takes for that lactic acid to build up would increase.

Do you know what happens next? You are able to crank out more reps and you will likely be able to use more weight. This also equates to faster recoveries and more strength being built.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, you can easily go to the market and buy some kombucha with relative ease. But when it first came out, you could only find it in health food stores.

You also have the option of brewing it from home. If you go that route, you’d need to get a SCOBY from someone who makes it already. And be very sure that you use good, clean practices when taking on this practice. Sanitation is of utmost importance.

Either way, have fun, drink kombucha and think happy thoughts. You may just find that your life completely changes for the better.

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