Ruby Love Review: Can You Get the Menstrual Support You Need from This Period Underwear Company?

Oh no, it’s that time of the month again. Great, time to grab another tampon or pad. Either way, it’s going to be messy, inconvenient and uncomfortable. And you’ll still probably leak all over your underwear.

What if there were a better solution to protecting your clothes from menstrual flow?

Ruby Love is a company that promises just that. Offering a line of period-proof underwear, swimwear and active-wear, Ruby Love gives you the option to throw away your pads and tampons forever.

Sounds great, right? But does Ruby Love live up to the hype?

In this article, we will learn more about the company, its founder, its products, and their benefits, pros and cons.

We’ll also talk about payment options and shipping for Ruby Love. Let’s begin.

What is Ruby Love?

Ruby Love is a company founded by entrepreneur Crystal Etienne. Previously, the company was known as “PantyProp.”

As explained on the about page, “Ruby Love is an apparel company rooted in the belief that periods should never stop women from doing, being and going.”

The about page elaborates on the pain points that Ruby Love was created to address:

Crystal set out to better address common questions like “Why settle for products that were designed decades ago, are uncomfortable and which fail us constantly? Why give young girls objects – that are often riddled with chemicals – to insert into their bodies? Why stress over the embarrassment and shame of leaks and stained clothes and sheets? And why not wear white with confidence, race in the swim meet or sit through hours-long board meetings without worrying?

While Ruby Love products were designed largely to contain period flow, they also can help with incontinence.

For that reason, there is a line for men as well.

Ruby Love Quick Facts

  • Products for women, teens, and men
  • Underwear, swimwear, and active-wear
  • First period kits
  • Simple, no-leak period protection
  • Reusable cloth pads
  • Shipping options starting at $7.95
  • Free shipping on orders of $65 or more

How Does Ruby Love Work?

Ruby Love products are based on the concept of the reusable pad.

In our modern era, we’ve been trained by companies that sell disposable pads and tampons to think that we need disposable solutions.

But actually, it is entirely possible to reuse a cotton cloth pad over and over.

Ruby Love underwear is simply that same solution built into a wearable garment.

The underwear features:

  • Proprietary Dri-Tech Mesh for preventing leaks
  • An absorbent layer of organic cotton
  • A Proprietary Super Absorbent Layer
  • A moisture-wicking Leak Resistant Barrier
  • An exterior layer that contains these other layers and barriers discreetly

Anyone who sees you in your underwear, active-wear or swimwear will never guess that they incorporate period protection features. They are slim and non-bulky. Only you will know your secret.

According to the company, Ruby Love underwear is as absorbent as 2 and a half tampons.

What if you have heavier flow and you need more than that level of protection?

There is a slot for you to insert an optional pad.

The website sells double-sided reusable pads made of cotton and wool, so you can purchase them at the same time if you want. Each one is equivalent to 6 tampons.

Otherwise, you can just supply your own reusable pad.

What is super cool is that since the underwear are absorbent, you can flip your pad over when one side becomes saturated and use the other.

What Are the Benefits of Ruby Love?

  • Simple and easy. Just put on your underwear and enjoy your day. There is no fussing around with pads, tampons, strings, packages, cups and so forth. You are instantly ready to go, just as you would be on any non-flow day of your cycle. That means there is less of a disruption to your life.
  • Stop wearing uncomfortable tampons or pads. Some ladies find it uncomfortable to insert a tampon. Others can’t stand the chafing of pads. Ruby Love removes those problems entirely.
  • This is a solution that won’t slip out. If you insert your tampon properly, it should stay in place. But that doesn’t mean that tampons can’t fall out, especially while swimming or working out. As for pads, they can start slipping through your underwear. Nothing is more awkward than realizing that if you keep walking, your pad is going to fall out—but you are in public, so reaching to adjust it is going to be dicey. With Ruby Love underwear, these problems are a thing of the past.
  • Period underwear are a healthier alternative to tampons or cups for those who cannot wear them. If you have cysts or fibroids, tampons may not be an option for you. But you can wear Ruby Love period underwear safely.
  • Avoid noisy, indiscreet products. The wrappers for tampons and pads are noisy. So, you may feel self-conscious when you are putting them on in a public restroom. Also, sometimes disposable pads themselves can be a bit loud. It is unlikely anyone but you ever notices the noise a thick pad makes when you are inserting it into your underwear or adjusting it, but it might make you uneasy anyway. Get away from that with discreet, silent period underwear.
  • Stop exposing your body to potential contaminants. Yes, toxic shock syndrome from tampons is a thing. And yes, the chemicals in tampons may also potentially harm you. With period underwear, you no longer need to insert potentially harmful objects into your body.
  • Quit filling up landfills. National Geographic writes, “over the course of a lifetime, a single menstruator will use somewhere between 5 and 15 thousand pads and tampons, the vast majority of which will wind up in landfills as plastic waste.” Ruby Love is an eco-friendly alternative.
  • Do what you love worry-free. If you usually quit swimming, running, and doing other activities you love when you are on your period, you’ll be able to get back to staying active with Ruby Love underwear, swimwear and active-wear.
  • Feel more confident. Wearing a tampon or pad can feel awkward and unwieldy. It is easier to feel graceful and confident when wearing period underwear.
  • Transition more easily to menstruating (for teens). A first period can be stressful for a young person. Being able to wear underwear like usual without any pad or tampon can make it a little less so.
  • Great for more than periods. You can also wear Ruby Love products for postpartum bleeding or for incontinence.

What Products Does Ruby Love Provide?

We have already talked a bit about the products that Ruby offers, but here is more of an overview:

For women

  • Bikini underwear
  • Hipster underwear
  • Brief underwear
  • High-waist underwear
  • Swimwear
  • Sleepwear
  • Active-wear
  • Plus size collection
  • Bundles and collection boxes

For teens

  • Underwear
  • Swimwear
  • First period kit
  • Monthly period kit
  • Sleepwear
  • Active-wear
  • Bundles and boxes

For men

  • Boxer briefs


  • Double-sided pads

What Does Ruby Love Cost?

A pair of underwear from Ruby Love costs around $20.

While this is on the expensive side for a pair of underwear, it is far from outlandish.

These should last you several years.

Now, if you add up the costs you spend on tampons, it might come out to around $60 per year.

So, it is pretty easy to do the math here and see how several pairs of Ruby Love underwear could save you money.

Also, while I cannot speak from personal experience as to how long Ruby Love underwear last, I can say from personal experience that cloth pads seem to last longer on average than they are stated to last.

So, I would not be surprised if even after several years, your Ruby Love underwear are still entirely usable.

You can also get a two-pack of double-sided pads for around $20.

This works great in addition to or instead of period underpants, and likewise can save you a ton of cash over the years ahead.

What Are the Ruby Love Payment and Shipping Options?

There are two ways you can pay for your purchases from Ruby Love:

  • Paypal
  • Credit or debit card

If you are ordering $65 or more worth of products, you can get free shipping in the US.

If you are purchasing $65 or more worth of products for shipment abroad, you can get 50% off the cost to ship to your location.

There are a variety of domestic shipping options:

Standard Shipping and Handling
Cost: $7.95
Estimated Delivery Time: 10-13 Business Days

Expedited Shipping and Handling
Cost: $23.93
Estimated Delivery Time: 3-4 Business Days

Express Shipping and Handling
Cost: $45.63
Estimated Delivery Time: 2 Business Days

Guaranteed Next Business Day
Cost: $74.78
Estimated Delivery Time: Next Day (Must be ordered by 12:00pm EST, Mon-Friday)

Here are the international shipping options:

International Standard Shipping
Cost: $14.95
Estimated Delivery Time: 18 – 27 Business Days

International Expedited Shipping
Cost: $38.98
Estimated Delivery Time: 9 – 13 Business Days

International Air Express Shipping
Cost: $78.97
Estimated Delivery Time: 4 Business Days

International Global Express
Cost: $119.96
Estimated Delivery Time: 2 Business Days

Is Ruby Love Legit?

Yes, Ruby Love is legit. The company’s products have received a lot of glowing reviews.

Buyers are satisfied both with how easy their products are to use and how long they last.

They also receive great reviews for their absorbency and ability to prevent leaks.

Pros of Ruby Love

  • Ruby Love offers a wide variety of products designed to meet your period needs. Whether you are looking for underwear, swimwear, active-wear, or a first period kit, this can be your all-in-one shop for all of your period requirements.
  • There is a wide range of sizing for products. Whether you are petite or plus-sized, you can find products here that will fit your body.
  • You can get free shipping with a large enough order. It is pretty easy to hit the threshold, too, if you just order a few pairs of period underwear.
  • You will save money over the long term. Even though there is an up-front higher cost associated with buying period underwear than there is with buying disposable tampons or pads, over the years ahead, you will save.
  • You will reduce environmental waste. You can stop dumping unnecessary waste into landfills that are already too full by using period underwear.
  • You will have a healthy, safe, comfortable alternative to tampons and pads. You will find these products discreet and pleasant to wear.

Cons of Ruby Love

  • Styles of underwear available are pretty basic. That being said, you are probably used to keeping things basic and practical when you are choosing underwear to wear on your period.
  • While you can machine wash and dry these pads, there are some caveats. First of all, you need to do so right away, or soak them in cold water until you are ready to wash them. Otherwise, the blood will set in and you’ll have stains. Additionally, you cannot use high heat when washing them, or again, you will have stains to deal with. So, this is a new routine you will have to get used to.

Who Should Consider Ruby Love?

You should consider trying Ruby Love products if any of the following are true:

  • You are tired of wasting money on disposable products for your period, and want a solution that will last you a few years.
  • You do not want to keep contributing to landfill waste.
  • You find tampons or pads uncomfortable or a hassle to use, and want a solution that is simpler and more effective.
  • You are shopping for a teen who may soon have her first period, and want to make the experience a more pleasant one.
  • You want a product that is both stylish and practical.
  • You want to get away from the potential health concerns of traditional tampons.
  • You experience incontinence.


If you have never purchased reusable period underwear, the concept may seem unexpected at first—but it makes a ton of sense.

Reusable underwear are eco-friendly, comfortable, stylish, affordable and healthy, and Ruby Love’s products have a strong reputation for ease-of-use and effectiveness.

So, if you are ready to make the leap to reusable period products, check out Ruby Love’s full selection. Just click the link to visit the site.

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