Rory Review: Can You Get the Care You Need Through This Online Women’s Health Clinic?

If you have questions about your health or you are trying to get a prescription, you don’t always have the time or luxury of making an appointment with your doctor.

That was true before COVID-19, and is increasingly true today.

But now, if you have women’s health concerns, there is another option, which is to make a digital appointment with the online clinic Rory.

If you are thinking about using Rory, you may have questions about how it works. In our in-depth Rory review, we will discuss the benefits, services, costs, payment options, and pros and cons for Rory.

That way, you can make an educated decision about whether to make an online appointment at this women’s health clinic.

What is Rory?

Rory is an online clinic which specializes in women’s health services.

When you make a digital appointment at Rory, a licensed physician will give you an assessment and, if appropriate, write you up a prescription.

On the About page, Rory explains its mission:

“Rory was built out of a passion for women’s health, but also an understanding that for many women, the healthcare system feels broken. From painful periods to infertility, natural biological experiences are shrouded in mystery. Women are not getting the help they need. They don’t feel comfortable asking questions about their bodies, and when they do, they often don’t feel heard. That’s not ok with us.”

It is true that the healthcare system remains a male-dominated field, and women’s health concerns often fall by the wayside.

Rory is not only an online clinic for women, but an online clinic run by women who handle “everything from product management to copywriting.”

The benefit is that as a woman, you will be receiving care from a team that is more likely to be empathetic toward your individual needs than doctors you may have dealt with in the past who could not relate to your problems.

Rory Quick Facts

  • Women’s healthcare for skin, eyelashes, sexual health, daily health and menopause.
  • Free 2-day shipping with discreet packaging.
  • $15 online visit (free during promotional period)
  • Free follow-ups.
  • Treatments for as low as $9/month.
  • Prescription and OTC treatments available.
  • Doctor’s decision within 24 hours.

What Are the Benefits of Rory?

  • Save time. Making a digital appointment with Rory is fast and easy. You simply need to fill out an assessment and await the doctor’s decision. Depending on the state where you are located, you may need to set up a video chat as well, but this can be done at a time which is convenient for you. You never need to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Increase access to healthcare. If you are used to waiting weeks to see a doctor in your local area, you can avoid all of that wait time by using Rory.
  • Save money. It is much less expensive to pay the $15 for an appointment through Rory than it is to pay for a regular offline clinic visit with a local doctor, even (in most cases) if that appointment will be covered by insurance. You will also discover that the treatments are cost-effective.
  • Avoid stress. Making an appointment with a local doctor is generally a hassle, especially if it forces you to take time out of work. You do not need to do that with Rory. The process is simple and convenient, and involves very little effort.
  • Preserve your privacy. Making an appointment through Rory is entirely discrete, as is receiving your medications in the mail. If you feel embarrassed by any of your health issues, you may also find an online appointment more comfortable than one which is in person.
  • Get care from a female-led team that understands you. Used to your health concerns being blown off by the male dominated healthcare system? At Rory, you will be getting care from physicians who specifically focus on women’s health concerns and who are passionate about making sure you get the treatment you need.
  • Stay safe. In the time of COVID-19, it is wise to avoid making appointments at local clinics unless you absolutely have to go. With Rory, you can stay safely quarantined.

What Services Does Rory Provide?

Rory provides healthcare services in four different areas of women’s health:

  • Skin + Eyelashes: Nightly defense skincare, Latisse, eczema, dandruff, and excessive sweating.
  • Sexual health: Cold sores, genital herpes, lubricants.
  • Daily health: Allergies, sleep, weight management, smoking cessation.
  • Menopause: Hot flashes, sleep, vaginal dryness.

What Does Rory Cost?

It costs $15 to make an appointment at Rory. As of the time of this writing, there is what looks like a long-term deal for your first appointment to be free.

What about the medications themselves? Rory prescribes a variety of treatments, each of which has an individual cost. To give you an idea what you can expect, here are some of the current costs for the medications:

  • Paroxetine HCL & Venlafaxine HCL: $35 per month
  • All-natural personal lubricant: $16 per month
  • Melatonin: $9 per month
  • Latisse: $110 per month
  • Valacyclovir: $14 per month
  • Azelastine: $29 per month

With many of these medications, you can get a significant discount if you purchase them quarterly instead of paying for just a month at a time.

For example, the allergy medication Azelastine costs $29 per month if you purchase just one month’s supply at a time.

But if you purchase a three month supply on a quarterly plan, the cost drops to just $19 per month.

So, costs are reasonable even if you pay full price for just one month at a time. But they drop even lower if you pay quarterly for medications you know you will be using for a while.

What Are the Rory Payment Options?

Rory is a cash pay service, meaning that the website does not accept insurance policies.

You will have a chance to submit your payment online after you receive your prescription.

Even though Rory does not accept insurance, you will probably find that in most cases, it is still less expensive than making the trip to see your local doctor to get a prescription.

How Does Rory Work?

It is very fast and easy to get a prescription through Rory.

1. Create an account.

First, simply create an account. Entering your name and birthday along with your zip code, phone number, and email address. Select a password.

2. Select a product.

Browse through the available treatments, and select the product you are interested in purchasing.

3. Start your online visit.

Click “Start Online Visit” for the product you want to buy.

If you are not logged in, the site will prompt you to do so. You will then be asked a number of questions on a series of screens. Take a few minutes to answer these questions.

4. Wait for a doctor to review your answers.

After you submit your answers to the questions, one of Rory’s licensed doctors should provide you with a decision within 24 hours.

If the doctor deems it appropriate to write you a prescription, you will receive one.

Note that in the majority of states, there is no need for any sort of face-to-face dialogue between you and the doctor.

But if you live in one of the states which does require such a conversation, the physician will contact you to schedule a call. You can choose a time which you find convenient.

5. Pay for your medication and receive your prescription in the mail.

You will now be able to submit your payment. All orders receive free 2-day shipping.

When you receive your order, it will be in discrete packaging so that nobody but you will be able to identify its contents.

Prefer to use your own pharmacy locally? So long as it is part of the Surescripts Network—which the vast majority of pharmacies are—you can. But you will want to check the cost first. You may find that it is less expensive to go with Rory.

What if you are not approved for medication? In that case, you will get a refund for the cost of the visit.

So, ultimately, you only end up paying if you receive a prescription.

Follow-Up Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns after your online appointment, you can use the messaging system to connect with your doctor and get the answers you need at no additional cost.

If you want to have a live conversation, contact customer service and ask for a phone or video chat. This also comes at no cost to you.

What is the Refund Policy?

If you accidentally ordered a product that you do not need and it has not yet been shipped out to you, you can contact customer service and request a refund and cancellation.

If the medication has been shipped, however, there is no way to make a return, so there will be no refund.

Is Rory Legit?

Rory writes, “All of our U.S. licensed physicians on the Rory platform undergo an extensive background check and license verification process, as well as training on the Rory platform. When you message or talk with a physician on the Rory platform you can see their resume, medical license, and credentials anytime you want. Just click on their name in the messaging thread in your account and take a look.”

So yes, Rory is a legitimate online medical service. And if for whatever reason you have any doubts, you can always look up the physician assigned to you yourself to find out what their background is like.

An Important Note

One thing which is important to know about using Rory is that you can only do so if at some point over the past two years, you have seen an in-person physician.

If you have not had such an appointment, you are not eligible to use the online system. So, you will need to make an appointment with a local provider first.

After that, you can use Rory anytime within the next two years of your most recent in-person appointment.

Pros of Rory:

  • Appointments are fast and easy. To see a regular local doctor for a women’s health concern, you need to take the time to book an appointment, drive to the appointment, and then spend time in the waiting room, followed by more time in the appointment itself. There is also the chance that you might have to reschedule. You can avoid all of that hassle completely by doing an online visit at Rory. It literally takes a matter of minutes to answer the questions, and within a day, you could have your prescription written up.
  • Follow-ups are available for free. One of the best things about Rory is that when you pay for your appointment, you also are paying for any follow-up assistance you need. Your physician is there for you anytime you have a question.
  • Transparency is high. The website displays information on credentials for your physician so that you can instantly see the background of the person you are working with.
  • Medications are inexpensive, as are appointments. Costs at Rory are very economical, and most people should be able to afford both the appointments and treatments.
  • You only pay for an appointment if you are prescribed a medication. You do not need to worry about wasting money on an appointment if you find that you are not a suitable candidate for the treatment you want. You will get your money back.
  • You choose where to get your medication. You get to decide whether to purchase your medications from Rory or a local pharmacy of your choice.
  • Shipping is fast and discreet. With free 2-day shipping and discrete packages, you get your order fast and retain your privacy.

Cons of Rory:

  • You must have seen a physician in person within the past two years. If you have been unable to see a physician within that time period in person, you will not be able to avail yourself of Rory’s services.
  • Rory is only for specific categories of health concerns. If you have health concerns which fall outside of these categories, you will need to find another online clinic to address those needs.

Who Should Consider Rory?

You know that you need to have seen a physician in person within the past two years to use this website. Are there any other restrictions that you should be aware?

Rory writes, “There are no age restrictions to purchase over-the-counter products from Rory. Latisse® requires patients to be 18 and over. For other medications, a doctor will decide if treatment is safe and appropriate, depending on your symptoms and medical history.”

These are the only limitations to be aware of. So, as long as the condition you want treat is one which Rory addresses, you should be able to save time and money making an appointment on this website.


Rory is a Fast, Easy, Affordable Way to Obtain Prescription and OTC Medications for Women’s Health

We have looked in-depth into what the online women’s clinic Rory has to offer in terms of services and benefits.

While Rory doesn’t offer treatments for all women’s health conditions, it makes it simple and affordable to get prescription and OTC medications for skincare, eyelashes, sexual health, menopause, and certain daily health needs.

The doctors at Rory are licensed and background checked, and are there to follow up on any questions or concerns you have at no extra charge.

You only pay for your appointment if the physician writes you a prescription, and the overall cost will generally be less expensive than a visit to a local clinic.

For all of these reasons, it is easy to give Rory a solid recommendation if your needs fall into the women’s health categories the site addresses.

Ready to save time and money on women’s healthcare now? Click below to begin your visit at the Rory online clinic.

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