New to Fitness? Follow these Tips!

That long-awaited day has finally come! You’ve looked in the mirror discouraged at what you’ve allowed yourself to become for the last time, and finally decided it’s time to get in shape. And not just for your forthcoming class reunion, but for the long haul! Coming to this epiphany is about the best gift you … Read more

Understanding The Basics Of Diabetes

Diabetes refers to a group of similar diseases that affect how the body uses sugar (glucose)1. Glucose is essential for many body functions and functions as an energy source for muscles and the brain1. There are three main categories of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes, type two diabetes, and prediabetes. There are other similar issues as … Read more

Managing Constipation: The Basics

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease defines constipation as three or fewer bowel movements per week or hard, dry, or small bowel movements that are painful or difficult to pass1. Constipation remains one of the most prominent of gastrointestinal (GI) issues and affects roughly 42 million people in the United States1. … Read more

The Best Stethoscopes for Doctors, Nurses, Students and Veterinarians

The inside of a human body is a noisy place. Air is constantly passing in and out of lungs. Another loud organ is the heart, which thumps around the clock to keep blood circulating. All kinds of acids enzymes incessantly swirl inside of the stomach, which is the source of many different types of grumbles … Read more

The Best Back Braces for Pain Relief and Support

Your back is one of the most important areas of your body. It houses your spine, inside which is your spinal cord– the long, thin, tubular structure that connects your peripheral nervous system to your brain and lets your various body parts communicate. Your ribcage relies on your spine and other parts of your back … Read more

The Best Ankle Braces for Stability and Compression

It’s easy to take your ankles for granted when they’re healthy. But actually, ankles are surprisingly complex structures. Every human ankle consists of three different bones: the shinbone, calf bone and ankle bone. The shinbone supports your weight when you stand. All three bones working together– along with several different important ligaments– work together to … Read more

The Best Bathroom Scales for Dieting

Your body stores energy as fat for a variety of important reasons. You probably already know that one of the main functions of fat is that it helps fuel your body’s organs and muscles. What you may take for granted is the added protection against impacts and insulation against cold weather that your body fat … Read more

The Best Blood Pressure Monitors for At-Home Use

Your heart is the engine that powers your circulatory system. It works ceaselessly on your behalf to move your blood to your muscles, organs and all the other parts of your body that require constant energy and oxygen. The force created by the movement of blood throughout your body is known as blood pressure. The … Read more