Brown Rice vs. White Rice

When you were growing up, you probably remember seeing images of the food pyramid with grains at the bottom comprising the largest portion of a so-called healthy diet. Nowadays, you might notice that you are urged to eat “healthy whole grains” if you are going to eat grains. That means forgoing heavily processed white rice … Read more

How Many Carbs a Day Can I Eat on a Keto Diet?

If you want to decrease your weight, protect your cardiovascular health, reduce your chances of diabetes, and improve your all-around health, one way to do so is to eat a ketogenic (keto) diet. But if you are a beginner with keto, you might wonder just how low you will need to drop your carbohydrate consumption … Read more

Should You Eat Cabbage on a Keto Diet?

If you are eating a keto diet, you will be giving up a lot of grains and other carbohydrate-rich foods in exchange for more meats, healthy fats, and vegetables. Not all vegetables are ideal for a keto diet, however, since some of them are surprisingly high in carbs. If you enjoy cabbage, you may be … Read more

Should You Eat Oatmeal on a Keto Diet?

Sometimes, there’s nothing to start your day like a warm bowl of oatmeal. But if you are switching to a ketogenic diet, you might be wondering whether or not oatmeal is still on the menu. In this article, we will address that issue in-depth, talking about the carbohydrate content of oatmeal as well as the … Read more

Apostrophe Review: Does This Online Dermatologist Deliver?

If you want to make an appointment at a traditional dermatology clinic offline, it is usually coded as a “specialist appointment.” As such, visits to the dermatologist tend to be expensive. The idea of being able to visit the dermatologist online instead, saving time, money and hassle, is therefore an appealing one. Such is the … Read more

The Best Rowing Machines for Maintaining Good Heart Health

Your heart– the surprisingly small, pear-sized, muscular organ that’s located in the center of your chest– is responsible for circulating blood throughout your body. It’s not an easy task. According to The National Geographic, if you were to unravel all your body’s blood vessels and arrange them in a straight line, the total distance would … Read more