Roman review: Discreet and hassle-free clinical services for men

Roman is a digital health clinic for men. The telehealth service was founded in 2017 with the goal of “improving the lives of men and their partners by making high-quality healthcare accessible and convenient.” Through Roman, men can get treatment for a variety of health conditions, ranging from erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation to hair … Read more

Apostrophe Review: Does This Online Dermatologist Deliver?

If you want to make an appointment at a traditional dermatology clinic offline, it is usually coded as a “specialist appointment.” As such, visits to the dermatologist tend to be expensive. The idea of being able to visit the dermatologist online instead, saving time, money and hassle, is therefore an appealing one. Such is the … Read more

Does Perfect Keto Work? 20+ Scientific Studies

A number of companies have attempted to capitalize on the ketogenic diet trend, but some are better than others. Perfect Keto– a keto diet system that’s the brainchild of former sports rehab clinician Dr. Anthony Gustin– is one of the most legitimate options out there for getting started with keto dieting. Keep reading to learn … Read more