Is Popcorn Healthy?

If popcorn is among your favorite snack foods, you might be wondering whether it is compatible with a healthy diet. Intuitively, it seems like it should be, considering that it is, after all, corn. But on the other hand, it is still a snack food, and you may have been told that it is bad … Read more

Are Sweet Potatoes Healthy?

You have probably noticed over recent years that sweet potatoes have become a popular food. They are even turning up more often at restaurants (i.e. sweet potato fries, which used to be hard to come by, but which now seem to be common). As a health-conscious consumer, you may be wondering whether this trend is … Read more

Are Meal Replacement Shakes and Bars Healthy?

Looking to lose a few pounds? Wow, what a coincidence: us, too! And with the challenge of cutting back on calories always being a difficult one, the idea that a shake or a protein bar can replace a meal (or meals) is certainly enticing. The “juicing” phenomenon is hot right now, but the concept of … Read more

Why you Should Drink Kombucha

Are you a fan of being in optimal health from head to toe? Then why haven’t you been drinking kombucha?! Well, it could be because you have no idea what it is. That’s the only acceptable reason for not imbibing this effervescent beverage. And if that does happen to be the case, sit still for … Read more