The Best Pregnancy Tests for Early Pregnancy Detection

There are many benefits to getting pregnant that many women don’t realize until after their bellies begin to grow. The main drivers behind all the bodily changes that occur are hormones. Of course, not all of of hormones that flood the body during pregnancy create pleasant feelings– but many of them do. Many women experience … Read more

The Best TENS Units for Pain Relief

Without pain, we would have a lot of trouble staying healthy. Think of all the pricks and bumps that you’ve experienced over the span of your lifetime. If you weren’t aware that your body needed attention, you may not have patched yourself up. Even minor wounds can develop into serious health problems if they’re not … Read more

The Best Ovulation Tests for Fertility Tracking

The human egg cell contains a nucleus with half the number of chromosomes needed to make a baby. Every human female is born with one million of them, according to Cleveland Clinic— but only 300 to 400 of them will ever be ovulated. During each menstrual cycle, hormones flood the ovaries and one of the … Read more

The Best Wrist Braces for Alleviating Wrist Pain

Even though human and chimpanzee DNA is very similar, our extremities are quite different– particularly when it comes to the wrist. In 2008, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered that humans begin to grow thumb and wrist structures during fetal development. Since our fingers, wrists and thumbs are far more agile and offer much … Read more

The Best EKG Monitors for Tracking Heart Health

Over the span of a 24-hour day, your heart will beat around 115,000 times and pump about 2,000 gallons’ worth of blood. Since it’s important that your heart beats fast enough to keep your blood circulating but slow enough to allow your organs and cells to draw the energy and sustenance that they need, the … Read more

The Best Pulse Oximeter for Measuring Blood Oxygen Saturation

A human body without oxygen is like a fireplace without a fire. Even if your body has enough fuel, none of it will burn without O2. Just as fire converts wood into heat, oxygen transforms sugars and fatty acids into energy. No organ can survive for long without a constant supply of oxygen-rich blood. One … Read more

The Best Body Fat Scales for Losing Weight

Fat likely played a vital role in the human race’s evolution. According to anthropologist William R. Leonard of Northwestern University, humans derive a much larger share of their dietary energy from fat compared to our closest biological ancestors. He believes that the main reason why humans crave fatty foods is that our large brains require … Read more

The Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Women

The humble human foot is actually quite remarkable. Its structure is far more efficient compared to non-human hominids, many of which have flat feet. According to a recent study published by the US National Library of Medicine, around 17% of the mechanical work of running is stored and returned by the foot’s arch. This is … Read more