The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Protecting Your Eyes

According to renowned theoretical physicist and string theory pioneer Michio Kaku, the brain is “the most complicated object in the known universe.” The main way that this mysterious gray matter receives sensory input from the world is through eyes– the only visible parts of the brain. When our eyes are working properly, they can distinguish between ten million colors and help us identify pictures correctly in as few as 13 milliseconds.

However, this impressive acuity comes at a price. Our eyes are one of our most fragile organs. UV rays, for example, can cause serious eye conditions. Cloudy cataracts and growths called pterygium may form on the surface of the eye if it’s had too much UV ray exposure. A subtler problem that UV rays cause is macular degeneration, which leads to gradual vision deterioration over a long period of time. Even relatively harmless blue light– the type of light emitted by computer and TV screens– can stimulate the brain and keep us up late at night.

One of the simplest ways to protect your eyes indoors is with a pair of blue light blocking glasses. These glasses come with lenses that stop the blue light from entering your eye. Some blue light blocking glasses can block UV rays, as well.

Here are the best blue light blocking glasses you can buy:

The best blue light blocking glasses for farsightedness

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The most unique thing about Gamma Ray’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses is that you can choose from various lens powers when you order. Since the lenses are tinted, you’ll get some protection against glare and UV light if you wear these glasses when you’re outside. The tint is very subtle, so you won’t notice it much– if at all– when you use your computer or watch TV.


  • Seven available lens strengths. Available lens powers range from zero to 2.5x.
  • UV400 protection. In addition to filtering out blue light from computers, the subtle tint on the lenses blocks both UVA and UVB light– the most harmful types of light that the sun emits.
  • Comfortable and lightweight. Weighing just 22 grams, these glasses are lighter than most throwing darts.
  • Comes with accessories. In the box, you’ll find a storage case and a cleaning cloth.
  • The durable frame doesn’t break easily. The frames are made from TR90 nylon, which has excellent crack resistance and retains its shape when bent.
  • Conforms to the shape of your head. Even though TR90 nylon is tough, it’s also comfortable and flexible.
  • Accommodating return policy. If you don’t like these glasses, you can send them back within 90 days for a full refund. A lifetime warranty covers lens and frame breakage.


  • May not fit some face sizes. The frame– which is 140 millimeters long and 122 millimeters wide and lacks spring hinges– will fit most but not all face sizes.
  • Limited style options. Black is the only available color.

In a nutshell

If you’re looking for basic reading glasses that block blue light, these glasses from Gamma Ray Optics might be your best bet. They’re simple, inexpensive and you can select whatever lens power you need. On the other hand, the frame may not fit you if you have a wide face.

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The most stylish blue light blocking glasses

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

TIJN’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses come in 15 different styles. If you want your glasses to be noticed, you may want to get one of the flashier frames– like leopard print or blue ink. There are more conserative styles as well, like solid black for example. A spring hinge version of the frame is available as well.


  • Wide variety of available patterns and colors. Choose from leopard print, burgundy, coral, marble and 11 other style options.
  • Keyhole shaped bridge. The keyhole bridge looks trendy and stylish.
  • Blocks harmful sun rays. The tinted lenses that come with these glasses are designed to block both blue light and UV rays.
  • Wide enough to accommodate most faces. The frames measure 135 millimeters across and the arms are 140 millimeters long.
  • Spring hinges. Even if your face is wider than 140 millimeters, the hinges will bend to fit it.
  • Comes with a bag and lens cloth. These accessories will help you store and maintain your glasses.


  • Confusing return policy. According to TIJN’s Amazon page, the company accepts returns from up to 90 days of the purchase. However, its website states that there’s a 30-day return window. There doesn’t seem to be any type of warranty, either.
  • Doesn’t help with farsightedness. Since the lenses are not magnified, these glasses can’t be used as reading glasses.

In a nutshell

If most glasses you’ve tried fit your face well, you’ll probably feel comfortable with these fashionable computer glasses from TIJN. Few other blue light blocking glasses makers can compete with TIJN’s frame style options and the subtle lens tint provides extra blue light protection.

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The most comfortable blue light blocking glasses

ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Most glasses manufacturers produce frames that are about 135 millimeters wide and 140 millimeters long. Since ANRRI’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses are 143 millimeters wide and 145 millimeters long, they’re a bit bigger– and as a result, significantly more comfortable to wear. The fact that they include a nice quality hardshell glasses case in the box instead of an ordinary glasses bag is another nice bonus.


  • Extra large frames. The frame measures 143 millimeters across and 145 millimeters long.
  • Four different style options. Available style choices include black, clear pink, leopard and transparent.
  • Durable frame. The TR90 nylon frames will keep its shape when bent.
  • Comes with a testing kit. You can use the pen light that comes with the glasses to see for yourself how the lenses prevent blue light from reaching your eyes.
  • Hardshell storage case. The case is sturdy and will protect your glasses when you travel with them.
  • Lifetime warranty. The warranty covers breakage and there’s also a 90-day refund period.


  • No spring hinges. If your face is too wide for the frames, you won’t be able to wear them comfortably.
  • Can’t be used as reading glasses. Since there is no option to buy powered lenses, you can’t use these glasses to compensate for farsightedness.

In a nutshell

If standard sized glasses frames don’t fit your face well, these glasses from ANRRI might be your best option. They’re just a bit longer and wider than most glasses you’ll find. People with thin faces can still wear them and people with wider faces will feel more comfortable.

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The best prescription lens blue light blocking glasses

Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you already wear glasses, you may want to give Cyxus’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses a hard look. The company is one of just a handful of blue light blocking glasses manufacturers that lets you order prescription lenses. All you have to do is select the “Customized Prescription Glasses” style option on Cyxus’ Amazon page. From there, you can specify your visual acuity details by clicking the “See All Buying Option” button.


  • Prescription lenses are available. For an extra fee, you can specify your visual acuity during checkout and get prescription lenses.
  • Choose from 15 different styles. Available styles include blue/black, eight gradient pink, brown/yellow and many others.
  • Fits most faces. The frame measures 141 millimeters wide and 140 millimeters long.
  • Optional spring hinges. If you think the frame may not be wide enough for your face, you can order spring hinges for a few dollars more.
  • Comes with a blue light test. The test shows you how the lenses work and lets you test to see if your other glasses reflect blue light.


  • If you want spring hinges, you have to get the black frame. None of the other frame styles come with spring hinges.
  • The lenses aren’t tinted. Since there is no tint, some visible blue light will penetrate the lens.

In a nutshell

If you have an eyeglass prescription and you are willing to pay for a pair of real lenses, you can provide your prescription details to Cyxus at checkout. Alternatively, you can just get the standard lenses and pick from 15 different style options.

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The best value blue light blocking glasses

Gamma Ray Reading Glasses

When you buy a single pair of Gamma Ray Optics’ Reading Glasses, you get two more glasses for free. That means that if you lose a pair or scratch one of your lenses, you’ll have two more glasses that you can use as a backup. The two backup glasses can also be used to set up multiple TV or computer viewing spots around your house. You can keep one pair of glasses next to your bed, another pair in your office and the third pair in your living room, for example.


  • Excellent value. You get three different glasses for the price of one.
  • Magnified lenses are available. If you’re slightly farsighted, you can get magnified lenses will help you avoid squinting.
  • Each frame is different. There are two glasses that are black and one of those is semi-transparent. The third pair of glasses is brown.
  • Spring hinges. All of the glasses have spring hinges, which allows them to bend to accommodate wide faces.
  • Durable and long lasting. The frames are made out of TR90 nylon, which is tough and doesn’t break easily.
  • Two-year warranty. If any of your glasses break within two years of your purchase, Gamma Ray Optics will send you a new pair for free.


  • Small frame compared to other blue light blocking glasses. The total width of the frames is 130 millimeters and the arms are only 135 millimeters long.
  • No accessories. You don’t get a case or cleaning cloth, only three pairs of glasses.

In a nutshell

These glasses are slightly smaller than most, so make sure you try on a similarly sized frame before you buy. If the frame you test out feels uncomfortable, these glasses may not be for you. Otherwise, three glasses for the price of one is an excellent deal.

Buy Gamma Ray Reading Glasses from Amazon

Buying guide for blue light blocking glasses

Key considerations

Spring hinges

If you often feel uncomfortable when you put on eyewear because most frames don’t seem to fit your face, you may want to look into spring hinges. Spring hinges are more flexible than fixed hinges. They allow the arms of an eyeglass frame to bend beyond 90 degrees.

Frame size vs. frame weight

Larger frames tend to be more comfortable than small frames. However, the extra size can add more weight, as well. Before you buy extra large sized glasses frames, you may want to find out how much they weigh. Most glasses weigh about 25 grams, but some glasses weigh up to 50 grams. Heavier glasses are more likely to make the bridge of your nose sore– especially when you wear your glasses for an extended period of time.

Lens tint

Some blue light blocking glasses are equipped with lenses that have a slight yellow tint. These tend to block more blue light compared to blue light blocking glasses that have clear lenses. The effect of this lens tint is subtle, but you may notice some slight color changes.

Lens power

If you’re slightly farsighted, you may want to consider purchasing blue light blocking glasses that can be used as reading glasses. You can select whichever lens power level you need before you buy.

Prescription lens option

A handful of blue light blocking glasses manufacturers provide a prescription lens option. This lets you use your blue light blocking glasses as a pair of ordinary glasses. The main downside is that prescription lenses are much more expensive than the type of lenses you get when you buy ordinary reading glasses.

Eyeglass case and other accessories

Many makers of mid-range and high-end blue light blocking glasses often include an eyeglass case and a lens cloth in the box, but budget glasses usually only come with a cloth or plastic bag.

Frame style

Let’s face it– if the glasses you get look ugly to you, you probably won’t wear them very often. That’s why it’s important to consider the style factor before you buy. Some glasses manufacturers limit you to only one or two styles, but others offer all kinds of different frames.

Warranty and return policy

Most blue light blocking glasses are inexpensive. You can get a nice pair without breaking the bank. Still, it makes a lot of sense to check the manufacturer’s warranty before you commit. If a manufacturer offers a generous and flexible return policy, that’s a good sign that it believes in the products that it sells.

Price ranges


You can find good quality blue light blocking glasses that cost as little as $10. Glasses in this price range will provide decent eye protection, but they usually only come in one color and don’t come with any accessories.


For $20, you get more style options and better features. For example, many mid-range blue light blocking glasses are UV400 certified. Others are equipped with spring hinges or come in a variety of different styles.


Blue light blocking glasses that offer a prescription lens option tend to cost $50 or more. The stronger you need the lens to be, the more you’ll have to pay.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can blue light harm my vision?
A: According to a study published by The International Journal of Ophthalmology, blue light is probably not good for the human eye. Mice that were exposed to high levels of blue light suffered cone cell death. Computers, TVs and other artificial light sources expose us to more blue light than we’d ordinarily encounter if we didn’t use gadgets so often.

Q: Does blue light interrupt normal sleeping patterns?
A: A different study published by Scientific Reports suggests that blue light can make it difficult to sleep at night. The researchers found that blue light stimulates the brain, stops the body from secreting melatonin and increases corticosteroid production.

Q: Do blue light blocking glasses really work?
A: Blue light blocking glasses can stop blue light from damaging your eyes, but they can’t prevent eye strain. If you stare at anything for a long period of time without taking breaks, your eyes will get dry and tired eventually.


  • Always use a proper eyeglass cloth when you clean your lenses. If you use anything else– like the end of a t-shirt or a paper towel, for example– you’ll run the risk of scratching the surface of the lens.
  • Be sure to store your glasses properly when you’re not using them. This will prevent accidents, which can cause lens scratches or frame damage. Most blue light blocking glasses manufacturers provide either a bag or a hardshell case.
  • If you plan on using your glasses a lot, you may want to consider buying an eyeglass repair kit. They’re very inexpensive and they contain all the tools you need to tighten the arms of your glasses or pop your lens back in if it falls out of the frame.
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