The Best Bathroom Scales for Dieting

Your body stores energy as fat for a variety of important reasons. You probably already know that one of the main functions of fat is that it helps fuel your body’s organs and muscles. What you may take for granted is the added protection against impacts and insulation against cold weather that your body fat provides. Brown adipose tissue– also known as “brown fat”– is especially vital in winter, since it can produce heat by way of thermogenesis.

Though you need body fat to live, too much fat can cause health problems. Being overweight puts you at risk for a wide range of health problems, from heart disease to diabetes– and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Obesity can affect your career and relationships and prevent you from participating in sports and other physical activities. This can in turn can make the problem even worse.

One simple, common sense step to take if you want to lose weight is begin weighing yourself on a regular basis. If you make a regular habit of stepping on the scale, your mindset will start to shift and you’ll begin thinking more about what you eat. There are many different types of bathroom scales that you can use at home, ranging from smart scales that integrate with various health apps to portable travel scales and more.

Here are the best bathroom scales you can buy:

  • INEVIFIT’s Bathroom Scale is more accurate than most scales because it’s equipped with not just one, but four different weight sensors– and its sleek, modern design blends in well just about anywhere you place it.
  • If you use health apps like GoogleFit or Apple Health, you may want to check out RENPHO’s Bluetooth Body Fat Scale. It’s the all-around best smart scale on the market right now.
  • Ozeri’s Digital Bathroom Electro-mechanical Scale is unique because it has both a digital display and a retro analog dial.
  • The best scale for people with vision issues is Taylor’s Electronic Talking Bathroom Scale. A second or two after you step on it, an electronic voice will tell you how much you weigh.
  • Taylor’s Precision Miniscale was designed to meet the needs of frequent travelers and people with limited bathroom space. It’s a tiny, yet accurate digital scale that’s small enough to fit in a purse, backpack or briefcase.

The most accurate bathroom scale for precise measurements

INEVIFIT’s Bathroom Scale

Inaccurate bathroom scales are annoying because they prevent you from knowing if your weight loss strategy is working or not. INVEVIFIT’s Bathroom Scale provides consistent measurements because it’s equipped with four different sensors. Another nice thing about this bathroom scale is that its sleek, slim design helps it blend in well wherever you place it. A five-year warranty guarantees that if you happen to get a lemon, INEVIFIT will send you a new scale for free.


  • Consistent results every time. This bathroom scale is specifically engineered to avoid the problem of inconsistent weight measurements.
  • Precise measurements. Weight results are delivered in 0.1 increments.
  • Built-in weight loss tracking. The scale saves your past results, so that you can keep tabs on your weight loss progress.
  • Set up multiple profiles. Create as many profiles as your family needs.
  • Sleek, subtle design. Available colors include black and white.
  • LED display. The display generates your results a few seconds after you step onto the scale.
  • Five-year warranty. The warranty shows that INEVIFIT believes in making quality products.


  • Glass surface tends to accumulate fingerprints. As is the case with all glass bathroom scales, you’ll need to wipe this one down periodically to keep it clean and smudge-free.

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The best electronic bathroom scale with smart features

RENPHO’s Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

RENPHO’s Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is equipped with smart features that let you send health data to all kinds of different smartphone apps. If you don’t already use a health app, you can use RENPHO’s own app to chart out your progress and harvest information that’ll help you get a big picture view of your weight loss efforts. The amount of data that this scale collects is impressive. It can detect not only your weight, but also estimate your BMI (Body Mass Index), body fat percentage, bone mass and more.


  • Works with several popular fitness apps. This smart scale is compatible with GoogleFit, Fitbit, Apple Health, Samsung Health and a few other health apps.
  • Collects detailed information. Weight but also BMI (Body Mass Index), bone mass, water percentage and many other metrics.
  • Bluetooth compatible. Since this scale is Bluetooth 4.0 compliant, you don’t need to connect it to your home network to use it.
  • No batteries needed. This version of the scale has a USB slot, which you can use to recharge its built-in power source when its energy gets low.
  • Intuitive interface. The menus are simple, straightforward and easy to understand.
  • 396 pound limit. This scale has enough capacity to accommodate most body types.
  • Excellent customer support. RENPHO’s friendly and knowledgeable support staff will help you out with any issues that you encounter.


  • Not compatible with some fitness apps. If you use Polar, My Fitness Pal or other fitness apps that this scale doesn’t support, you may be better off with a different smart scale.

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The best analog bathroom scale

Ozeri’s Digital Bathroom Electro-mechanical Scale

Ozeri’s Digital Bathroom Electro-mechanical Scale is unique in that it’s a digital bathroom scale that also has analog features. The analog dial not only looks nice, but also has a practical function: it lets you instantly know how much you weigh in kilos and pounds without having to switch between the two different measurement systems. The fact that it measures your weight in 0.1 pound increments is a nice plus, as well.


  • The best of both worlds. The display features a hybrid analog/digital readout.
  • Unique retro design. Very few other bathroom scales look anything like this one.
  • Built-in reminders. Programmable alerts remind you that it’s time for your daily measurement.
  • Highly accurate. This scale delivers your results in 0.1 pound increments.
  • You can use it in the dark. The backlit display illuminates the entire display.
  • Easy to operate. You don’t have to tap this scale to wake it up before you take a measurement.
  • No need to manually switch between pounds and kilos. The analog display supports both measurement systems.


  • You have to replace the batteries when they run out of power. Dial doesn’t work without batteries.

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The best talking bathroom scale

Taylor’s Electronic Talking Bathroom Scale

Taylor’s Electronic Talking Bathroom scale is designed to meet the needs of the visually impaired. But unlike some talking bathroom scales, this one has both a speaker and an LCD screen. Moreover, it delivers highly accurate weight results in 0.1 pound increments. All you have to do to find out how much you weigh is step on the scale. A few seconds later, a female voice will deliver your results.


  • 440 pound capacity. This scale has enough capacity to meet the needs of most people.
  • Several different languages are available. The electronic voice can deliver your results in not only English, but also Greek, Spanish, German or Croatian.
  • LCD display. Some talking scales only have a speaker, but this one also has an LCD display.
  • Fractional measurements. This scale rounds your weight to the nearest 0.1 pound.
  • Adjustable volume. This feature is useful for occasions when you want to take a discreet weight measurement.
  • Comes with everything you need to get started. The package includes three AAA batteries.
  • Simple operation. Just step onto the scale and wait for the voice to tell you how much you weigh.


  • No backlight feature. The LCD display lacks a backlight feature.

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The best compact bathroom scale for traveling

Taylor’s Precision Miniscale

Taking a scale with you when you travel makes a lot of sense. Most hotels aren’t equipped with scales. This might tempt you to eat or drink too much when you’re on holiday. Taylor’s Precision Miniscale will keep you on the right track, wherever you go. One of the most interesting things about this scale is the fact that it’s incredibly small. You can easily slip it into a purse, briefcase, or even a desk drawer.


  • Pop-out display. The LCD screen pops out, which makes it easier to read when you’re using it. When you’re traveling, you can snap the LCD screen down so that it’s easier to transport.
  • Small size. This scale is only 5.12 inches wide and 9.05-inch across.
  • Affordable price. The reasonable price tag is another thing that’s nice about this nifty little scale.
  • 350 pound capacity. Even though it’s tiny, this travel scale has a 350-pound capacity.
  • Lightweight. Weighing in at just 1.6 pounds, this scale won’t slow you down when you’re on the move.
  • Comes in two different colors. Available color options include black and white.
  • Turns off automatically. Some portable scales require you to flip a manual off switch when you want to power them down, but this one shuts down by itself after a short period of time.


  • Delivers inaccurate results if you move while it’s measuring you. Standing still can be tricky because this scale is so tiny.

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Buying guide for bathroom scales

Key considerations

Size vs. ease of use

Small size scales are easier to transport and store. However, they’re also harder to use because you have to do a balancing act while remaining perfectly still to get an accurate measurement. Moving around on a scale can hinder a scale’s accuracy. Wider, longer scales take up more space, but they tend to deliver more precise results because they’re easier to stand on.

Digital or analog?

Most of the bathroom scales on the market are digital ones. Digital scales are equipped with sensors that convert the force of your weight to electrical signals. In other words, they don’t have as many moving parts. Analog scales, on the other hand, use springs to measure weight. Springs aren’t quite as accurate as digital sensors. Moreover, spring-powered scales lack the bells and whistles found in digital scales.

Smart features

Some digital scales can send data to various smartphone apps. If you use a health app or if the idea of recording your weight measurements to the cloud sounds interesting, you may want to consider getting a smart scale. RENPHO’s Bluetooth Body Fat Scale works with GoogleFit, Apple Health and several other health apps and it can not only measure your total body weight but also estimate your bone mass and water weight.

How much capacity do you need?

If you’re not exactly sure how much you weigh, it’s a good idea to find out before you buy. Some scales can handle more weight than others. Most bathroom scales have a 350 pound limit, but some are specially built to accommodate more weight.

Does it deliver consistent measurements?

A scale that spits out wildly different weight measurements every time you use it isn’t very useful. Accurate, good quality bathroom scales let you know exactly where you stand each time you step up to find out what you weigh.

Does its design fit in with your bathroom decor?

This point is somewhat obvious, but it bears consideration. If you don’t like the way your scale looks, you’ll probably tuck it away somewhere and forget about it. There are all kinds of bathroom scale designs to choose from. Pick one that either fits your style or at least blends into the background and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Warranty and customer service

If the manufacturer has a generous return policy, that’s a sign that they believe in what they’re selling. Watch out for sellers that don’t accept returns or make you pay for shipping.

Price ranges


Most small, travel-size bathroom scales cost around $25. They are somewhat tricky to use and not quite as accurate as full-sized scales. However, if you are short on space or don’t want to spend much money, a budget travel scale might be just what you need.


Bathroom scales with niche features like smartphone integration or talking bathroom scales with speakers usually cost around $30.


You can get a good full-size, highly accurate digital bathroom scale for around $40. Scales with four or more weight sensors tend to be more precise.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do smart scales calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) and other metrics?
A: In order to get the most out of a smart scale, you have to provide with some information before you use it. Once you provide your height, age and other statistics, smart scales can then use that data to send all kinds of different reports to your phone.

Q: How do I calibrate a bathroom scale?
A: The process varies a bit from scale to scale, but there are some similarities. Most analog scales have some type of dial or knob on the side, which you can use for adjustments. The first time you use a digital scale, you should step on it lightly until it displays a number. Then, remove your foot and then let the number drop back down to zero. This will ensure that the scale isn’t including its own weight in your measurement.

Q: How long do bathroom scale batteries last?
A: Most modern electronic bathroom scales have built-in energy conservation features. You shouldn’t have to worry about replacing an electronic scale’s batteries until about three or four years have passed.

Tips and tricks

  • Always use your scale on a hard, smooth surface. Attempting to take a reading on a carpet will throw off the scale and prevent it from taking an accurate measurement.
  • Develop a consistent weight measurement routine– and try to measure your weight at the same time everyday. Body weight tends to fluctuate a bit over the span of a day, but these fluctuations usually follow a regular pattern.
  • If you’re diet plan includes exercise, you may not see your numbers fall right away. The reason for that is that muscles weigh more than fat. The good thing about this is that muscle also burns more energy than fat. Be patient. With a little bit of time and consistent effort, you will get the results you want. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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